Lavish Trump Lifestyle Is Costing You FAR More Than You Thought


Every time Big Bird is threatened by Republican budget cuts, Americans are outraged.

Why, they ask, would the government consider cutting funds to such an important tool for childhood development? After all, it’s hard to forget the era of $640 toilet seats. Is the Pentagon still maintaining 200 golf courses around the world? Didn’t we lose $12 BILLION in shrink-wrapped bills on pallets sent to Iraq? In other words, it seems like there should be a better way to trim our budget than 86-ing Downton Abbey and This Old House.

So why aren’t more Americans angry about how much we’re spending to maintain the lifestyle of a billionaire and his family?

According to CNN, taxpayers are already on the hook for more than $20 million in travel spending for the Jet-Setting Jackass. It’s on track to cost as much in a single year as Obama’s travel expenses amounted to over the course of two full terms as President. With that kind of money, if Trump could stay home for three months, it would fund the U.S. Council on Homelessness for the next five years.

“It’s like being on a bike that you never get off of.”

That’s how Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, described the duties of the Secret Service. They’re scrambling to keep up with the Trump family’s extensive travel routines. Untold amounts are spent on protection for the Trump children as they travel overseas. Tens of millions in additional funding are being requested by the elite government agency to cover the cost of securing Mar-a-Lago and staying in Trump Tower. Yes, the President is charging the Secret Service to stay in his hotel and protect his family. Even the Republican Chair of the Reform Committee, Jason Chaffetz of Utah, said of the Secret Service’s ceaseless Trump routine:

They are flat-out worn out.

And Trump isn’t just exhausting his protection detail with 100-agent trips to Aspen. In addition to being a drain on the national pocketbook, Trump’s frequent trips are costing small businesses money in Florida due to closures and security concerns. His son Eric’s private trip to Uruguay to promote Trump properties? You paid for that. Most infuriatingly, taxpayer money pays the salaries of Trump’s pathetic PR team. Remember that time Shady Spice said Hitler never gassed his own people? You PAID him to say that. Yes, it’s an official job that comes with a paycheck. We agreed to it when we accepted the way the White House is run. Shouldn’t it require not just competence, but honesty?

Let’s completely ignore the outrageous increase in military spending under Trump. We can disregard the obscene trade-off of public schools for millionaire tax cuts. We’ll also forget about the $94 million in Tomahawk missiles we just sent flying into Syria as a distraction from the Russia investigation. We should at least be able to expect a little more restraint from the party of fiscal responsibility.

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