Lawyer Argues 13-Year-Old Is To Blame For Her Own Rape Because She’s A ‘Temptress’


America has a problem with rape culture. Just in case you thought things were improving, one Montana lawyer is doing all she can to make sure that victims are still blamed for their own sexual assaults, even if they are children.

According to defense attorney Lisa Kauffman, a 13-year-old girl is the one at fault for her own rape — not the 26-year-old man who attacked her. Kauffman, who is representing defendant Justin Griffith, told the court on Monday that the young girl is really the one that should be held responsible for the attack because she looks older than she actually is.

“She looks and acts like she’s 18 years old,” Kaufman said during the sentencing hearing in Missoula Count. “You should see the pictures of her and the hair and the makeup.”

Griffith has already pleaded guilty to the felony sexual assault. The victim was a patient at the teenage addiction recovery center where Griffith was employed. His lawyer seriously argued he just wasn’t properly trained in how to behave around little girls. Because it apparently takes special training to not rape children.

“It is hardly a training issue not to have sex with a 13-year-old resident,” deputy county attorney Brian Lowney replied to this “ridiculous assertion.”

Missoula County District Court Judge Robert Deschamps wasn’t buying Kaufman’s bullsh*t either.

“He’s been around the block and he knows the score,” the judge said, pointing out that Griffith’s own sexual history proved he wasn’t exactly naive.

Disgustingly, Kauffman wasn’t willing to stop trying to blame the victim for her own rape. At a later point, the defense attorney asked Lowney if he thought sexual assault victims should be held accountable for being “temptresses.”

“How about victims as temptresses, what do you think about that?” she asked.

To make the matter just that much worse, Kauffman’s comments were said in front of the victim’s mother.

“I was just making a little slam,” Kauffman said when the victim’s mother told her not to speak that way about her child.

“About my daughter,” the woman replied.

“No, no, no,” Kauffman said, before apologizing.

“I just find this whole conversation offensive,” Lowney said and we couldn’t agree more. This is a child, in a treatment facility, that was raped by one of the very people who was charged with her care. How in the actual f*ck are we even having this conversation?

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