Lawyer For Oregon Militant ‘Shock Jock’ Cites Trump’s Violent Rhetoric In Defense Of His Client


Pete Santilli’s history of inflammatory and incendiary remarks is coming back to haunt him. The shock jock appeared before a federal judge yesterday to plead for release pending trial, but that’s not happening. Santilli, along with Ammon Bundy and other militants, was indicted after the armed takeover of the Malheur Wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon, a standoff which lasted nearly a month. At the present time, there are still four holdouts at the refuge.

U.S. District Court Chief Justice Michael W. Mosman affirmed an earlier decision to hold Santilli because he’s a danger to society and/or a flight risk. Santilli’s mental health was also questioned previously.

The Oregonian reports:

“There’s a handful of statements I can’t discount as just shock-jock,” bravado, Mosman said early Thursday evening.

Mosman said he couldn’t ignore what seems to be Santilli’s “deeply-held beliefs” regarding his distaste for federal law enforcement, and found Santilli could be “a real threat to pretrial service officers or U.S. marshals or others who have to deal with him.’’

Deeply held beliefs are fine, until you threaten to shoot people. Santilli’s violent rhetoric was cited in court.

The Daily Kos reports:

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ethan Knight repeatedly cited Pete Santilli’s own words from his YouTube live stream broadcasts in which he said he’d shoot anyone who came in his door without being invited or calling first. In other words, pretrial services personnel or other law enforcement serving warrants could be in danger.

In Pete Santilli’s defense, attorney Thomas Coan, brought up Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

Coan attempted to show that Santilli is not alone in using inflammatory rhetoric, saying that such statements are constitutionally-protected, so to prove that, he played a clip of  Trump, where he bragged in Iowa that he could stand on 5th Avenue in New York City and shoot people and his support would not decline.

Clips played in court included Santilli saying, “Come try to take my guns,” and later adding, “We’re not going to lay down …We’re going to take a stand.”

“You fire one shot at us, and it’s on,” Santilli said on his show. “It will be a bloody (expletive) massacre.”

In another clip, Santilli railed against the FBI and their “background checks” for guns, calling them “pukes” and pledging to “to blow your balls off.”

In addition, prosecutors played a clip in which Santilli was critical of Hillary Clinton’s handling of the Benghazi affair, then went on to say he wanted to shoot her ‘in her vagina.’

Needless to say, Santilli will remain in custody. Words have consequences.

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Image: Screengrab via Daily Kos.

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