Leaders Of Nine Large Indiana Companies ‘Deeply Concerned’ Over Anti-Gay Law


Nine different CEOs of large companies in Indiana called out Gov. Mike Pence over the controversial anti-gay law which opens to the door to discrimination against gays and lesbians.











The Huffington Post reports:

The law would allow corporations or private citizens to cite their religious beliefs as a defense if they are sued, which many say would make discrimination against LGBT individuals permissible. While Pence has said that the intent of the law was not to discriminate, the CEOs said on Monday that intent was not relevant.

WTHR reports:

The chief executive officers of nine companies, including Angie’s List, Anthem, Cummins, Dow AgroSciences, Eli Lilly and Co., Emmis Communications, IU Health, Roche Diagnostics and Salesforce Marketing sent the letter to Governor Mike Pence, Senate Pro Tem David Long and House Speaker Brian Bosma.

The letter reads:

“Regardless of the original intention of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, we are deeply concerned about the impact it is having on our employees and on the reputation of our state. All of our companies seek to promote fair, diverse and inclusive workplaces. Our employees must not feel unwelcome in the place where they work and live.

“As we seek to attract and retain great talent from Indiana and around the world, it is critical that we make it clear that Indiana is the welcoming state we all believe it to be. As leaders in the Indiana business community, we call on you to take immediate action to ensure that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act will not sanction or encourage discrimination against any residents or visitors to our state by anyone.

“By immediately enacting new legislation that makes it clear that neither the Religious Freedom Restoration Act nor any other Indiana law can be used to justify discrimination based upon sexual orientation or gender identity, our state’s elected leaders can provide the reassurance to the people of our state, our nation and the world that is needed at this critical moment.”

While Mike Pence signed the letter in a private ceremony surrounded by bigots, did he not think that gays work in large corporations and businesses? This controversial law will impact the state’s economy. It’s already hurt Indiana’s image.

Discrimination is bad for business. It’s bad for America.

Still yet, this morning, Mike Pence said, “I stand by this law” and insisted that Indiana is “open for business.”

No one believes you, Mike.

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