Leave It To Fox And Friends To Gush Over Trump’s Hilarious Two-Handed Sippy-Cup Drinking


Like one of those neighbors you never invite over to talk about their vacation, our Moron-in-Chief Donald Trump spent his televised speech time from the White House Wednesday recounting all his (ahem) accomplishments during the recent 12-day Asia trip.

All that was missing were the slides.

In between assuring Americans how well he was pampered and fed, we couldn’t help but be distracted by all of Trump’s sniffling and an entertaining episode of dry mouth, during which he took a water break, Marco Rubio style. Only worse.

The thirst was strong with this one. Not only did the man-baby have a hard time finding something to wash down his lies, he had a worse time fumbling to open the water bottle once he found it. And then, as if the bottle was a sippy cup, he used both hands to hold it.

Needless to say, the water bottle incident soon became comedy fodder for social media.

Even Rubio himself got in on the fun.

But leave it to Trump’s morning intel — Fox & Friends — to come up with their own alternative take on the event, with co-host Ainsley Earhardt gushing over their moron in the Oval Office saying “it’s so cute how he used two hands!”

Apparently, American water isn’t good enough for the short-fingered vulgarian president, who spent his entire televised speech bragging about all the manufacturing he was bringing back to the United States. His water of choice? Fiji,which is imported 6,744 miles from our US border.

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