Limbaugh Tries To Paint Roy Moore As A Democrat At The Time He Became A Perv


In the Age of Trump, the new rule for Republicans and their most ardent defenders has become to do as Donnie does: Lie early, lie often, and make ridiculous historical references.

For example, consider right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh, who has remained a stalwart supporter of Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore despite the fact that multiple women have accused him of child molestation and attempted rape. To hear Rush tell it, Judge Moore was a Democrat when he started his pervin’ ways, so that covers all of his past sins:

“Did you know that before 1992, when a lot of this was going on, that Judge Moore was a Democrat? Nobody said a word.

“When he supposedly was attracted to inappropriately-aged girls — he was a Democrat.”

How exactly does that address the abhorrent behavior of this sick piece of monkey spunk who now wants to be a member of the United States Senate? If Moore was still a Democrat, that might be relevant, but let’s not forget that every Republican’s favorite savior, Ronald Reagan, was also once a Democrat. Does that mean dear ol’ Ronnie is any less precious to their supply-side congregation of extremists?

For that matter, does it mean that Rush was a Democrat when he allegedly went on a sex tour of the Dominican Republic, after which he was caught with a giant bottle of Viagra that didn’t have his name on it?

While he was at it, Limbaugh also took the time to attack his own party, saying of GOPers who have called for Moore to drop out of the race:

“No matter what the real stories are here, and no matter what the evidence is, these guys, these people on the Republican side, are making it clear they are going to prevent this guy from ever being seated in the United States Senate.”

Evidence? What is Limbaugh asking for, a freaking DNA test and photographs? As willing as Rush is to make excuses for a serial sexual predator, something tells me he’d get a sick thrill out of trying to relive the past debauchery of the Marquis de Moore.

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