List Of ‘Patriots’ Excuses For Not Joining Bundy Militants, Like Waiting For A Tax Refund


You know how you want to join a wannabe revolution to fight tyranny in America (which doesn’t exist) but you have to wait for your tax refund from the government you hate so you don’t show up because fightin’ for freedom ain’t easy? That’s what our founding fathers did, too, I suppose and that’s what the Bundy militia supporters are doing as well.

John Sepulvado of Oregon Public Broadcasting has been tweeting the goings on at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon, which has been taken over by armed militants.

There’s a list of reasons right-wingin’ bitter gun clingers can’t help overthrow the bird sanctuary. One commenter explains that he “has no money” and “don’t even have my AR built yet. Lol.” He adds, “I hope my taxes come in next week.”

Another is worried about getting his “license plates ran.” He’s worried that his car won’t pass scrutiny and suggests they ‘take over Portland, or Salem or somewhere where a guy can just seemingly appear among the masses, next time.”

We suggest Texas.

Another commenter is busy after just opening a gun shop. Hey, maybe next time, eh?


Fightin’ tyranny is just a part-time gig.

As for those who work in the area, almost none support the Ammon Bundy-led militia.

They don’t need no stinkin’ help because they gots them a jury to indict the government, however, it has no legal standing.

Think Progress reports:

They have chosen Joaquin Mariano DeMoreta-Folch, St. Augustine Tea Party government accountability chairman and a longtime proponent of convening secret citizens’ panels to indict government officials to be their common law judge and at a recent event held at the refuge a New Mexico rancher, Adrian Sewell of Grant County, New Mexico, renounced his federal grazing contract from the U.S. Forest Service.

The group’s list of demands is unrealistic and those demands will never be met. It includes releasing two prisoners who are locked up for arson. They want federal deeds voided and when calling a meeting to have ranchers rip up their contracts, only one (two possibly) joined them. The group wants federal grazing permits vacated so ranchers can graze cattle wherever they choose.

Some of the militants have plowed new streets while destroying artifacts.

But they’re doing it for freedom – as soon as the tax refund check comes in.

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