Longtime McKinney Officer Blasts Cop’s Conduct At Pool Party: ‘Crazy’


Pete Schutle, a former McKinney police officer and “longtime reserve deputy,” weighed in on the video which emerged showing McKinney, Texas police officer Eric Casebolt aggressively handcuffing and detaining teens, before wrestling a girl in a bathing suit to the ground, pushing her head down, and drawing his weapon on others who came to assist her.












Think Progress reports:

Pete Schutle, a former McKinney police officer and “longtime reserve deputy,” spoke to Fox4 Dallas and blasted the conduct of Eric Casebolt, the police corporal shown slamming a 15-year-old girl in a swimsuit to the ground.

“I don’t care what she was yelling at that officer. Anything would not have justified throwing her to the ground and pushing her down and throwing her face into the concrete like he did,” Schutle said.

Schulte also said there was no reason for Casebolt to have drawn his weapon and described Casebolt’s reaction to the situation as “crazy.”


Schulte went on to say that the video indicates that the McKinney police have a race problem.

“There is an indication based on watching the video that the white people who were around the officers weren’t talked to, they weren’t pushed away, they weren’t told to get on the ground, they weren’t put in handcuffs. The only individuals McKinney police were doing that to were those that were African-American,” he said.

In fact, the melee was initiated by an adult woman who started hurling racial slurs. According to one of the teens, one of the women physically assaulted her.

After Casebolt pulled his gun on the teens, another officer pushed his gun down.

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Image: Screenshot via Think Progress.

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