Man Captured By Taliban Thought A Joke Was Being Played When He Was Told Trump Is POTUS


It has been nearly a year since the nightmare that was Election 2016 led to the Electoral College’s Donald Trump selection. In the months since, people worldwide have struggled to wrap their minds around the fodder Trump is making of the office of POTUS. To that end, to say he is an embarrassment is a gross understatement.

Yes, Donald Trump as so-called commander in chief has been a very hard pill for the average person to swallow. However, imagine having been captured by the Taliban, only to be released and learn that Trump is running America [to the ground].

As crazy as it may sound, the scenario above is true for one family. As if being captured by the Taliban-linked group in Afghanistan, five years ago wasn’t bad enough, Caitlin Coleman, her husband Joshua Boyle, and their three children were released on Wednesday only to learn that life in captivity was kept them from learning about the nightmare Americans have been living since November 2016.

The Coleman-Boyle family’s five-year horror story started in 2012 when they were hiking in Afghanistan. Coleman was with child at the time and in the years since the couple has given birth to two more children while being detained by the Haqqani network. Naturally, the family had a lot of catching up to do where current events, technology, and other changes are concerned.

No piece of information seemed to catch Coleman or Boyle off guard more than the news that Trump was selected by the Electoral College. Boyle was forced to make a “proof of life” video, but before doing so received the news about Trump. Boyle said he thought one of the people holding him captive was joking when he said who was in office:

‘It didn’t enter my mind that he was being serious.’

Aside from adjusting to the news that America is going to hell in a handbasket, the Coleman-Boyle family is doing as well as can be expected.

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