Man Dies Of Stupidity: Puts Gun To His Head While Joking With Friends


A South Carolina man put a gun to his head while joking with friends and the gun went off, killing him, according to Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler.











20-year-old Tezlar Wayne Ross died while playing with his gun at his home on New Year’s Eve, according to WYFF.

“Witnesses reported Ross and three others were in his bedroom looking at a .380 handgun about 6:30 p.m. when the incident occurred. Ross reportedly took the clip out of the gun and placed it to his head joking with the others when it discharged,” Fowler said.

Ross was pronounced dead at the scene.

“This is certainly a tragic way to end the year. Guns are not toys and this is an example of what happens when they are treated as such and not respected. My heart breaks for this family,” Fowler said.

As we’ve noted this countless times here, never point a gun at anything you don’t want obliterated. Your head would fall into that category.

Another gun owner just died from stupidity.

Just yesterday, an Oklahoma man was securing the family dog to a chain when his gun fell and discharged, killing him.

Funeral homes must be making a ton of money from all of these gun ‘accidents’ lately. If a gun owner isn’t aware that they are in possession of a lethal weapon then they shouldn’t own one.

How did Mr. Ross’s joke go? ‘Look at me with a gun to my head. Aren’t I funny?’ BOOM.

But at least he had a firearm in his home for self-defense. If only his head had one, too, to protect itself.

We’re not sure at what point a .380 handgun became a ‘joke’ in our society. Irresponsible gun owners need to come up with new material because it’s just not funny.

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