Man Goes On Shooting Rampage in Colorado Springs With AR-15, 4 Dead Including The Shooter


Four people are dead, including a suspected gunman, following a shooting spree in downtown Colorado Springs.











“I was just sitting on my patio taking my dog out when I saw someone come around the corner, being chased by the police,” one witness said, according to KKTV.

Dozens of other people in downtown Colorado Springs Saturday morning watched the horror unfold as police exchanged gunfire with a man in front of a Wendy’s restaurant.

The shootout ended with the suspect shot and killed after a shooting rampage which led up to the Wendy’s gun battle.

Officers confirmed there were two separate shootings prior to the officer-involved shooting that occurred less than a half-mile apart.

When police were originally called in to reports of gunshots, they found a deceased man sprawled on the side of the street with his backpack still on his back.

Officers believe a small fire in home was by the gunman.

After the first shooting, the suspect took off running down East Platte, where officers say he shot more people.

Witnesses said that the suspect was shooting at anyone in his way.

KKTV reports that one witness, Matt Abshire, recalled, “I looked out my kitchen window and I saw a man in a green jacket firing an AR-15…waited a few seconds, went out my house, looked to my left and saw a man down the street, probably 50 feet. I started calling him and I called the cops.”

“Still following him, he’s heading left on Platte towards Palmer High School…probably a hundred yards past El Paso Street, he stops, turns to his left, fires four shots, shoots two ladies, one in the jaw, one in chest if I’m not mistaken,” he said.

Abshire said he rushed to help the victims but they were already dead.

Another witness, Aaron Nicks, said, “They (police) yelled, ‘Put the gun down,’ and he turned around, and that’s when they shot at him a good 20 times. … There was a lot of gunfire. He was running across the street right here and they pretty much shot him down,” he said.

“What I saw was he kind of, like, spun around and [police] yelled, ‘Drop it,’ and he kind of [gestures as though he’s holding a gun] went to aim and that’s when they shot him down.”

“He was running across from Taco Bell through here to the Wendy’s, and that’s where they shot him,” another witness said.

“[I was] watching a police officer fall on his stomach to the ground, maybe to get cover,” Jaynes recalled.

“All of a sudden this guy just was shooting and running down this way and firing at police,” another witness said.

None of the officers at the scene were injured during the shooting rampage.

The police did not confirm the type of weapon used.

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