Man Open Carrying Rifle Opens Fire In A Posh Texas Hotel


Just weeks after the Texas Legislature relaxed open carry laws, a rifle-toting gunman opened fire in a posh downtown Austin hotel.














A five-year veteran with the police force shot and killed the unidentified man with a rifle at the downtown hotel who they say fatally shot another person in the lobby.

WFAA reports:

Assistant police Chief Brian Manley said at a news conference Sunday that the shootings occurred shortly before 5 a.m. at the Omni Austin Hotel, about four blocks from the state Capitol.

A caller to emergency dispatchers reported a man in the lobby “walking around with a gun,” then said he shot someone.

Responding officers encountered a man who appeared to be in his 30s with a rifle.

Manley said the officers chased the man back into the lobby where he fired “several shots around the hotel,” including at police.

The officer returned fire, fatally shooting the gunman.

Stuff to know.

Even if the police spotted the gunman beforehand walking down the street, it would be illegal for them to ask to see if he is legally openly carrying his rifle. Open Carry supporters pushed that little tidbit into the law at the last minute, which lawmakers signed gleefully, because their rights ‘shall not be infringed’ no matter how many casualties there are.

A caller notified police of the man’s presence in the hotel.

That’s interesting because Open Carry advocates have retaliated against those who alert the police, most especially if the caller is female. A woman notified police after seeing armed men on an overpass. That group was Open Carry Texas. They filed an FOIA, obtained her phone number, then released it on a YouTube video.

The woman had to change her number after she was blasted with calls.

But they tell me that “an armed society is a polite society.”


The shooting happened at an Omni Hotel, and according to what they’ve told us, they follow state and local laws when it comes to open carry. So basically Omni patrons are on their own to figure out if someone open carrying a rifle inside their hotels intends to do harm, or not.

There are no ‘no gun’ signs on the front doors of this posh hotel.

If not for the police, a  bloodbath could have taken place in the hotel. THANKS, Governor Abbott, Texas lawmakers and the National Rifle Association.

Since the shooting happened in a post hotel, maybe some eyes will be opened.

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Image: WFAA

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