Man Shoots 80-Year-Old Father After Mistaking Him For An Intruder


We can assume that a Gary, Indiana, man owns a gun in  order to protect his home and loved ones, however, that didn’t work out too well on Wednesday. The unidentified man shot his 80-year-old father after mistaking him for an intruder, according to police.

According to what the 47-year-old man told police, he awoke at about 3:00 a.m. and heard a door charm go off and his mother talking, reports.

(We’re not certain what a ‘charm’ is that goes off in the home.) At any rate, the man said he got a gun, then fired, hitting his elderly father in the arm, police said. Police said the bullet traveled through the 80-year-old’s chest and into his back, however, the wounds are not life-threatening.

As it happens, the elderly father had just gone outside to urinate because his wife was in the bathroom, according to police, and that’s likely why the son believed there was an intruder.

Detective Sgt. Gregory Wolf is investigating and police said that no arrests were made.

Only in America can you shoot your elderly father in the chest and back area and not be charged for negligence, or something of that nature.

According to NWI, the case will now be presented to the Lake County prosecutor’s office for review, but it is possible the shooting will be ruled accidental and no charges will be filed.

Just last month, a Cincinnati father believed that a burglar was in his home and he ended up shooting his 14-year-old son dead.

The 80-year-old man is lucky to be alive and his son is fortunate enough to not be charged. Sadly, this sort of shooting will continue in this country ad nauseum. But remember, there is no gun problem in America. As far as we know, the gun was not harmed during either of the shootings.

It would be nice if gun owners practiced at least the very basics of gun safety. For example, know what you’re aiming at before you open fire. Otherwise, you could kill your family members. I know that’s too much to ask though.

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