Man Shoots Himself In The Head While Bragging About Gun Safety Feature On His Gun


A Phoenix man bragged about the double-safety mechanism on his gun, then to demonstrate how effective the feature is, he aimed the firearm at his head then shot himself in the temple.














23-year-old Christen Reece was out drinking and after he bars closed at around 3 or 3:00 in the morning, he had a bright idea which he presented to his six friends: “Let’s go to the high country and shoot guns,” he said.

“You know, there’s not really a lot to the story other than don’t drink and shoot guns,” explains Jim Molesa, chief deputy of the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office, which is conducting the official investigation, according to the Phoenix New Times.

The friends ended up on the side of the road near a wooded area to do a little target shooting.

Reece told his friends of the feature on his gun which had a double-safety making it impossible to ever go off unexpectedly, so he decided to demonstrate this for his buddies.

“He held the gun up to head, a little behind the temple area, and fired,” Molesa said of the Sept 2nd incident. “He immediately dropped to the ground, and his acquaintances started freaking out, not sure what to do.”

Reece’s friends panicked. There was no hospital nearby, so they took his unconscious and bloody body to the fire station, where paramedics were on duty.

Reece’s friends took off. Police have identified two of them but are hoping to find the others to interview them, the Phoenix New Times reports.

We think they are somewhere peeing in their pants.

“He held the gun up to head, a little behind the temple area, and fired,” Molesa said

Reece was airlifted to a hospital and taken into surgery where he is listed in critical condition.

“I really don’t know if the particular weapon had a double-safety or not,” Molesa said and added that “any gunshot wound to the head you survive is a miracle.”

Molesa said, “The main thing any teacher of a gun-safety class wants students to walk away is that you should treat every gun as if it’s loaded and never point it at yourself or anyone else.”

Also, not drinking while funnin’ around with a gun in a wooded area where anyone might happen by might help.

A Texas man was recently taking selfies with a gun then ‘accidentally’ shot himself in the head.

Last year, a Michigan man was demonstrating ‘gun safety’ and fatally shot himself in the face.

We see an unfortunate trend happening here and it’s called stupid people with guns.

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