Man Stabs Gay Woman, Writes Slurs On Her Body, Chokes Her With Dog Leash


According to Washington police, a Tacoma woman was choked and stabbed early Sunday morning, and police are investigating the attack as a hate crime. The woman is identified only as Chris due to obvious safety concerns.

Authorities say the 45-year-old female woman was getting something out of her car at about 2:45 a.m. when her dog got out of the house.

The woman then grabbed the dog leash and went looking for her dog.

KOMO News reports:

A man who happened to be walking by told her he’d seen the dog in a nearby alley, according to Loretta Cool with the Tacoma Police Department.

The woman later told police she walked to the alley without realizing the man was following her. Once they were secluded, Cool said the man shoved the woman to the ground and began screaming homophobic slurs at her.

“He ran up behind me and he said something like why don’t I sound like a boy, that I look like a boy,” the woman recalled. “And that’s when it started.”

“Are you a dyke?” he asked her. “God hates fags.”

The perpetrator took out a marker at some point during or after the attack, then wrote homophobic slurs on the woman’s back, buttocks, legs and forehead.

“He got on top of her, holding her down, then he lifted up her clothing and wrote derogatory words on her body,” Cool said.

He wrapped the dog leash around her neck, then scrawled homophobic slurs on her body while stabbing her, according to KIRO-TV. At that point, he dragged Chris around on the ground with the leash.

He took off her clothes and wrote “dyke” on her buttocks and back. According to KIRO, the man also spit on her.

The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment and is expected to survive.

“Please, everyone, be aware of your surroundings,” Cool said. “I know the instant reaction — I know it would be mine — would be to grab the leash and go after the dog. We haven’t anything like this happen in the city of Tacoma, but obviously it’s happened now.”

Watch courtesy of KIRO:

According to police, the man is described as a 25-years-old, wearing a backwards Seahawks hat and a dark colored Seahawks sweatshirt.

He’s further described as having chubby cheeks and police say he spoke with a Hispanic accent.

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