‘Math Is Hard’: The Internet Teaches Trump How To Count After He Claims ‘Dems Control The Senate’


After Trump/GOPcare spectacularly failed last night even though Republicans have control of the House, Senate and the presidency, Donald went on a raging tweet storm this morning to blame Democrats. This is a humiliating loss for the former reality show star who once said ‘it’s going to be so easy’ to make sure every American is covered. Now, while it’s true that Obamacare needs to be fixed, some Republicans want to fully repeal it without a replacement, thus putting millions of Americans in jeopardy.

He’s wrong in this tweet.

Trump (see: Art of the Deal) failed to get his own Republican colleagues on board but he blames Democrats. You know, the ones he calls ‘Pocahontas’ and ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer.’

This is not what Trump ‘has always said,’ by the way.

Then he blames Democrats again for his failures.

And because math is hard, Trump added this tweet.

But Trump didn’t have 51 votes.

Here’s some math for you, Mr. Trump: the former reality show star has the lowest approval rating of any president in the 70 years of polling. IDK, but maybe if he stopped trying to kill Americans by taking away their health care then maybe his approval rating would increase. Maybe.

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