Merriam-Webster Dictionary Hilariously Throws Shade At Trump’s Twitter Spelling Again


The mispronunciations and malaprops of former President George W. Bush — popularly called “Bushisms” — are so 2000. Now we have Donald Trump madly typing his early morning thoughts in 140 characters on Twitter, and they’re riddled with “Trumpisms.” For a man who claims to have a really good brain, Trump’s grey matter never seems to be working on his Twitter page. The endless misspellings and linguistic errors would put any 6th grader to shame.

In one of his latest Twitter rages, Trump went on the attack against former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates (whom he fired), just hours before Yates was scheduled to testify before Congress on Trump’s Russia problem with his former National Security Advisor Gen. Michael Flynn.

He tweeted this Monday morning:

Ask Sally Yates, under oath, if she knows how classified information got into the newspapers soon after she explained it to W.H. Council.

Trump deleted the tweet but not soon before it appeared on the timeline of Merriam-Webster, who found it a pleasure to clarify that there was definitely a difference between these two words.

After Sally Yates testified on Monday, the dictionary company tweeted:

Then a cheeky message was tweeted to define ‘Sheesh’:

The dictionary company’s Twitter account has been trolling Trump’s misspellings for a while. They weren’t about to let this one go without offering up their, albeit snarky, help for the man whose linguistic skills would put any sixth grader to shame.

Merriam-Webster isn’t the only company tracking Trump’s tweets. ProPublica has done so since June 15, 2015, capturing all of his errors in screengrabs before he or one of his staffers can make them disappear.

Here are three of my favorites:

When a post-debate poll declared him the winner one February night, he tweeted out that it was a “great honer!” Hmmm, maybe he was too excited because he might have meant it was a delightful “honor.”

Going after Rubio, he tweeted that little Marco a lightweight chocker.

And when China took a Navy drone in international waters, he tweeted the move was “unpresidented.” Um, no, but nice try, sir. But it was unprecedented.

Sure, George W. Bush may have had a bit of trouble pronouncing words like “nuclear.” And, yes, he never let good grammar get in his way — “Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?” But at least that president spoke with a train of thought. And, thanks to the former First Lady, his wife Laura (a librarian), GW knew how to spell.

Donald Trump can’t do either.

Mr. Trump, I’m certain Merriam-Webster would “comp” you a copy of their dictionary, just ask them. Please ask them! Your misspellings as leader of our country are a continuous source of embarrassment, albeit comedy gold.

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