Mexican President: Get The F*** Out Of Here With Your Stupid Wall

Trump reneges on mexican wall

After yet another angry Twitter rant from our new president, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto cancelled a trip to meet with Trump.

Trump tweeted early Thursday that Peña Nieto should cancel if his country is “unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall.”

Showing his usual lack of discretion and maturity, Trump posted an angry message on Twitter from his personal account Thursday morning:

“The U.S. has a 60 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico. It has been a one-sided deal from the beginning of NAFTA with massive numbers of jobs and companies lost. If Mexico is unwilling to pay for the badly needed wall, then it would be better to cancel the upcoming meeting.”

In response, President Peña Nieto also tweeted, calling off the trip. He then pinned the tweet to the top of his Twitter feed.

“This morning we have informed the White House that I will not attend the meeting scheduled for next Tuesday with the @POTUS.”

Despite hostile demands from Donald Trump, Nieto has shown signs of willingness to secure friendly relations with the U.S.

President Nieto has previously stated that he is unwilling for his country to pay for any wall, an on Inauguration Day, sent a tweet stating:

“I congratulate President @realDonaldTrump by taking office. We will work to strengthen our relationship with shared responsibility

But Nieto also reinforced his message that his priority would naturally be the interests of Mexican citizens.

“We will work to strengthen our relationship with shared responsibility. We will establish a respectful dialogue with the Government of President @realDonaldTrump, for the benefit of Mexico.”

After Trump signed the executive order on Wednesday authorizing construction to start on the threatened wall on the southern border and to remove protections from “sanctuary cities,” Nieto again reached out via Twitter.

“Regret and fail the decision of us. UU continue the construction of a wall that divides far from us, join us.”

“The delegation Mexican in Washington continues working… I will take the decision on the next steps forward in our bilateral agenda. Mexico offers and demands respect, as the fully sovereign nation that we are. Reaffirm our friendship with the people of USA and will to get to agreements with their Government. Agreements on behalf of Mexicans.”

Backpedaling furiously from this campaign promise to make Mexico pay for his southern border wall, Trump tossed world salad at ABC’s David Muir in an interview that aired on Wednesday night. Trump told Muir during the interview that he never promised that Mexico would pay for the wall up front. He also said that he would make them pay in a “complicated” and “serious” way, which we can only assume means not in actual, spendable cash.

Trump told Muir:

“Well, I’d say very simply that they are going to pay for it. I never said they’re gonna pay from the start.”

When responding to questions regarding Pena Nietos’ previous refusals to consider paying for the wall, Trump said:

“He has to say that. But I’m just telling you there will be a payment. It will be in a form, perhaps a complicated form…

“I think we’re gonna end up with a much better relationship with Mexico. We will have the wall and in a very serious form Mexico will pay for the wall.”

Frankly, it sounds like Trump has been taking lessons from his adviser, Kellyanne Conway, on how to spin “alternate facts.”

You can watch Trump reneging on one of his most important campaign promises he made to supporters less than a week after being inaugurated in the ABC News video below.

Featured image via ABC News screen capture. 

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