Michele Fiore To Republican Rival: ‘You Wanna Have A Fight With Me?’ (VIDEO)


Bundy-loving Nevada state Assemblywoman Michele Fiore got into it with one of her Republican rivals on Thursday during a congressional primary debate, going as far as to challenging her to a fight.

During the debate, Annette Teijeiro told Fiore, “I know you’ve been around the country, but there are problems here in Nevada. And you know what? We can’t solve problems by going and shooting people in the head.”

Teijeiro was referring to Fiore’s remarks last December in which she threatened to fly to Paris and shoot Syrian refugees in the head.

Karoli at Crooks and Liars reports:

As Teijeiro was making the case for having a sane person in Congress with some experience, Fiore leaped to her feet, grabbing the microphone and informing Teijeiro that her time was up.

When Teijeiro didn’t snap to, Fiore leaned in menacingly and asked, “You want to have a fight with me?”

She then ordered Teijiero to “put the mic down.”

She seems really sweet. Fiore continued to say,“I find it very sad when anyone up here cannot run on their own merits, and they just attack others,” just after threatening to fight her opponent.

Later on, she said the same thing again but this time referred to her rival as a ‘chick.’

“This chick can’t run on her own merits, so the only thing she does is attack all of us,” Fiore said.

Teijiero shot back, “I’m not a chick, I’m actually a medical doctor. I’m an anaesthesiologist.”

Watch courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

Fiore also defended her recent trip to Oregon, where she traveled recently in support of Ammon Bundy and the remaining four armed holdouts at the refuge.

“You can betcha that I’m gonna come getcha,” Fiore said, according to the Las Vegas Sun. “I will always protect my own people.”

It was nice of her to make it clear that the militants are her ‘people.’

Image: Screengrab.

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