Michigan Woman Goes All Second Amendment On Shoplifting Suspects


A concealed-carry license holder is now cooperating with police after authorities responded to a ‘shots fired’ call from a Home Depot in Auburn Hills, Michigan on Tuesday.




















The woman opened fire on a shoplifter who was fleeing the store, police said.

The Detroit Free Press reports:

A 47- year-old Clarkston woman in the parking lot witnessed one of the store’s loss prevention officers trying to stop a shoplifting suspect getting into a dark colored SUV. The customer — identified as a concealed pistol license holder — reportedly fired shots at the dark-colored SUV as it sped out of the lot.

It’s unknown how many rounds were fired from her 9mm handgun, but police believe she hit and flattened one of the vehicle’s rear tires as it sped off in the direction of Brown Road.

It was not known if anyone was injured in the incident. The customer remained on the scene and was cooperating with police. A report is to be turned over to the county prosecutor for review of possible charges, if any, on the woman.

The shoplifters were identified as a man in his 40s, who was driving the vehicle, and a man in his mid-40s wearing a black shirt with yellow writing and a black baseball cap. The second man is believed to have run out of the store with a large box of unknown content or value, police said.

The suspects were also described as a white man, between 40 and 50-years-old and an African American man, who is about 40-years-old.

We’re not sure why the unidentified woman wasn’t arrested.

Firearms are only supposed to be used in cases of self-defense or in the defense of others — only in cases of imminent danger. A fleeing shoplifter is not putting others in danger. However, the woman shooting is.

If you’re not in imminent fear of death, don’t pull out your gun and especially, do not pull the trigger. Geez.

The female gunslinger should have her concealed carry license taken away.

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