Mike Pence Is Either A F-cking Idiot Or He’s Lying About Flynn (Watch)


CNN has shed light on a ’til-now largely ignored aspect of the Russian collusion investigation: what did Mike Pence know about Michael Flynn’s lying to the FBI, and when did he know it? Watch:

With last Friday’s announcement of Flynn’s admission that he lied to the FBI about illegal contact with the Russia government and his cooperation with the Mueller collusion investigation, new questions arose, among them Pence’s role in the matter.

Add to this the Dummy in Chief’s ill-advised tweet earlier this week and the question of where Pence was in all this becomes more and more nagging by the minute. Now it seems inevitable that Pence will have to face the various investigatory bodies himself.

For example, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) wants Pence to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee, saying “I think he has new questions to answer.”

The more imaginative among us might be tempted to fast-forward to what would happen if both Trump and Pence were implicated in collusion and – in an ideal world – faced impeachment hearings. This makes it possible for Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, to assume the role of president. While this has its own inherent disadvantages, at least Ryan seems to have somewhat of a grip on reality, and as far as anyone knows, he doesn’t address his wife as “Mother” a la Pence.

While it may well be true that Pence, as head of the transition committee, divided his time between Indiana and Washington D.C. for the most part while underlings like K.T. McFarland engaged in their unsanctioned shenanigans at Mar-a-Lago, among other places, it’s hard to believe that he didn’t at least have phone calls and a few prayer sessions over the Flynn matter.

If only Mother were allowed to speak without being spoken to.

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