Mike Pence Refuses – Six Times – To Say That Anti-Gay Law Won’t Allow Discrimination


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) is trying to do damage control after he signed discriminatory anti-gay legislation but he’s doing a lousy job of it.















On ‘This Week with George Stephanopoulos,’ Pence tried to defend and “clarify” Indiana’s new right to discriminate law that he signed in a private ceremony.

Daily Kos reports:

Six times Stephanopoulos asked if, under the law, it would be legal to refuse service to gay customers and six times Pence refused to answer. And when asked outright if “you [Pence] think it should be legal in the state of Indiana to discriminate against gays or lesbians … it’s a yes or no question,” Pence’s astonishing (and eye roll-inducing) answer was, “Hoosiers don’t believe in discrimination.” So there you go.

And while Pence continued to peddle the notion that he’d support efforts by the Indiana legislature to “clarify” their new license to discriminate, when asked if making the LGBT community a protected class would be considered, Pence said no, that he wouldn’t push for that, that it’s not on his agenda and that it’s “not an objective of the people of the state of Indiana,” and then flat-out said, “We’re not going to change the law” and that “I stand by this law.”

“A final question, a final yes or no question, Governor,” Stephanopolous asked one more time. “Do you think it should be legal in the state of Indiana to discriminate against gays or lesbians?”

“It’s a yes or no question,” he added.

“Hoosiers don’t believe in discrimination,” Pence said, while forgetting that he’s a citizen of that state. “I mean this is not about discrimination. This is about protecting the religious liberty of every Hoosier of every faith.”

A business owner has already discriminated against gay people since the signing of the law.

Watch, uploaded by Raw Story:

Uh huh. We totally believe him.

Pence actually blamed the media, saying,“I mean, frankly, some of the media coverage of this has been shameless and reckless.”

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Image: Washington Times.

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