Militia Member Arrested, Feds Find 8 Pipe Bombs, Weapons And Ammo In His Home


A 24 year old Tampa man has been taken into custody on Monday after the execution of a search warrant on his residential home by law enforcement, MSN reports.  The search warrant found pipe bombs, smoke grenades, and tear gas in his home, as well as materials to make weapons. They also found an AK-47 semi-automatic rifle, one .45 caliber pistol and a large amounts of ammunition.

Lovely. I am sure his neighbors were very excited. From photos, it appears he lives in a very quiet, family friendly neighborhood. Just where you expect pipe bombs and tear gas to be located.

Fox 13 News reports that Michael Ramos was part of a local militia called the United States Patriot Army in St. Petersburg, aka domestic terrorists parading as Patriots, and had expressed strong anti-government views. Sounds about right.

A little background on our militia man. Ramos is the President of a company called Patriot Armor, Inc., which manufactures and provides body armor to, ironically enough, law enforcement and firefighters. His business partner, and the man who tipped off police, is a man named Kenneth Ray O’Neill.

On January 16 O’Neill went to Ramos’ home and saw six pipe bombs and confronted Ramos, reports Fox 13. Ramos did admit that they were pipe bombs and that he made himself.  He explained that he had purchased the supplies, black powder, chemicals and bird shot, from Amazon using his girlfriend’s credit card.

Uh, I hope she dumped him after admitting he used her credit card illegally to purchase bomb making materials! Ramos is a very bad boyfriend.

Watch courtesy of Fox 13:

Ramos told O’Neill that he was aware that the bombs would most likely  “kill the neighbors if one of…[them] went off.” I bet you aren’t getting invited to the next block party, Michael. When asked by O’Neill why he made the bombs, Ramos said ‘If [expletive] hits the fan, you never know if you might need it.”  Sounds a little paranoid, eh? Exactly the kind of person that should not have access to weapons.

The day after this conversation, O’Neill and his brother, who Fox 13 News noted is an officer of the militia, returned to Ramos’ home and demanded he get rid of the pipe bombs. They also mentioned their desire to remove him from the business.

Ramos did not take this request well and got angry. He accused them of planning to call law enforcement to report him. A paranoid man with access to weapons just feet away is not someone you want to get angry. So, the O’Neill’s used a tried and true tactic I call “lying and placating” to calm Ramos down. They changed the subject and politely excused themselves from his home after assuring him that they were totally joking and everything was hunky-dory. Lies, all lies.

Ramos was right. O’Neill did call law enforcement, thankfully. The police arranged to listen in on a recorded line on January 31st while O’Neill made a phone call to Ramos. During that call, O’Neill encouraged Ramos to get rid of the bombs, which he called “boom booms.” Ramos said he would.  Based on the confirmation of the presences of bombs, a search warrant was executed by ATF and local law enforcement on February 1st.

Ramos does not deny making the pipe bombs and told law enforcement where he secured the materials, per Fox 13 News. Those sites include Phantom Fireworks, Home Depot and  He also disclosed that he purchased the tear gas from, and a pump action shotgun with a shortened barrel, which he purchased at a Walmart.

Ramos told the detectives that he made the bombs to be “prepared” but never intended to use them. Sure thing, buddy. Tell the judge that. They love to hear about bombs being made in residential areas for fun. I am sure the judge will go “oh, so this is one big misunderstanding. Head on home, young man.”

As is typical in these types of “white man is really a gun nut, militia, government-hating wingnut” stories go, his friends and neighbors are shocked, shocked I tell you!

His landlord, Marisa, told Fox 13 News

“My reaction is very shocked, honestly. That guy is a very nice guy. It’s very nice guy, I don’t know their private life, you know what I mean?”

A nice guy with an incredible stockpile of bombs, tear gas and guns.

Law enforcement expressed great appreciation that Ramos’ partner came forward to turn him in. Clearly, this was a very dangerous situation that could have resulted in an incredible loss of life if Ramos had decided to use those pipe bombs in a public place to attack citizens or the government. Making those kinds of weapons is not a hobby, it is a criminal act.
ATF agent David Brown said, “We really appreciate the fact that someone from the public took the time to call, and alert us that somebody was in possession of pipe bombs. Had one of them gone off, anybody within a fifty foot radius would have either been seriously hurt or killed.”

Ramos has not been officially charged yet, although he should expect a nice long list of alleged crimes soon. I bet he is going to hate the government a whole lot more when he has to spend years in a secure federal building.

Enjoy prison, Militia Man.

Image: Facebook.

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