Minnesota Newspaper Changes Its Mind: Obama Is Not An ‘Assclown’ After All


A Minnesota paper this morning has changed its mind. President Obama is not an “assclown” after all. That’s some mighty fine reporting there, Pioneer Press.


After Obama created a mock video with Buzzfeed meant to promote health insurance, the Pioneer Press’s “Loop Ten” sports producer Kevin Cusick determined that the President is an “assclown” on the “daily countdown of the top newsmakers, groundbreakers and world-class fakers.”

KMSP reports:

Clocking in at a tie for number three in today’s installment was “selfies.” That entry is accompanied by an image of Obama holding a selfie stick in an apparent effort to take a photo of himself.

That’s all well and good, but where Cusick got himself in trouble was with the text below the image.

“A fool-proof way to make yourself look like a self-absorbed assclown,” it said.

Because selfies are bad, mmkay? Unless Republicans take them.

When KMSP reached out to Cusick for comment, he said, “After further review, it’s a poor choice of word. I must have been in an especially foul mood last night. I’ve toned it down a bit.”

What he’s saying is, people took issue with his assertion so he’s taking it all back. Sorry, there are not takey backsies.

The caption has now been edited to read, “A fool-proof way to make yourself look like a self-absorbed celebrity.”

“Celebrity”? Pffft! After the SNL 40 show, failed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin told a heckler, “Are you in show business? Then don’t be jealous, boy.”

A president’s sense of humor should never be considered a bad thing.

Media Matters notes the right wing outrage over Obama’s selfie. People like Todd Starnes of Fox News.

Watch Buzzfeed’s video:

We are so glad to hear that Mr. Cusick was just attention whoring.

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