Mississippi Republicans Panic: May Stop Issuing ALL Marriage Licenses


Republicans in Mississippi are panicking after the Supreme Court’s ruling making same sex marriage legal nationwide.















Gov. Phil Bryant (R), said the ruling legalizing gay marriage “usurps” states’ long-held rights to self governance and he is now studying the state’s options, the Clarion Ledger reports.

“Gov. Bryant will continue to do all that he can to protect and defend the religious freedoms of Mississippi,” spokeswoman Nicole Webb said.

“For the second day in a row, the SCOTUS by a narrow margin has decided that the federal government’s powers should no longer be limited to those enumerated in our Constitution,” Lt. Gov Tate Reeves said.

House Speaker Philip Gunn pledged to protect the rights of “Christian citizens.”

“As Christians, we are to speak the truth in love,” Gunn said. “But we are not to shy away from speaking the truth, even though the truth may be unpopular or not embraced by the culture around us. This decision is in direct conflict with God’s design for marriage as set forth in the Bible. The threat of this decision to religious liberty is very clear. I pledge to protect the rights of Christian citizens to teach and operate on the basis of Christian conviction. ”

State House Judiciary Chairman Andy Gipson (R)  said he’s still studying the ruling, but he added that one option might be available for Mississippi and that’s to stop issuing marriage licenses for everyone.

“One of the options that other states have looked at is removing the state marriage license requirement,” Gipson said. “We will be researching what options there are. I personally can see pros and cons to that. I don’t know if it would be better to have no marriage certificate sponsored by the state or not. But it’s an option out there to be considered.”

The Clarion Ledger reports:

Gipson, an attorney and Baptist minister who opposes gay marriage, caused a stir last year when he said: “I believe the time has come for people of faith in Mississippi to prepare for the overturning of our constitutional ban on it,” noting then that Friday’s high court ruling was inevitable.

On Friday, Gipson said: “What the Supreme Court’s decision does not and cannot change is the firmly held conviction of faith of myself and most Mississippians. We still believe that marriage is defined by God as the union of one man and one woman. As Bible-believing Christians, we will not change or alter our religious convictions to suit the whims of the court or the culture.”

Republican U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo said the ruling “tears at the very fabric of our democracy.”

State Rep. Steve Holland (D)  said the issue of gay marriage isn’t a major issue with him. “It’s about as important as a nuclear holocaust happening in Mississippi,” he said.

I think Mississippi should stop allowing marriage for everyone if the state won’t allow a chunk of its population to marry, and be afforded the rights that go with that union.

America is not a Christian country. Mississippi is not a Christian only state.

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