Mnuchin Whines When Confronted About Releasing Trump’s Taxes: ‘Not Fair!’ (VIDEO)


ABC’s George Stephanopoulos pummeled Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin over the tax plan that Donald Trump and his administration are pushing with promises that it will help the middle class and not raise taxes on the rich, both of which are blatantly false.

“It’s really hard to see how that can possibly be true, given the fact that your plan proposes cutting the top rate, eliminating the estate tax, eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax, cutting that rate on pass-through entities,” the ABC host said while adding that the non-partisan Tax Policy Center “calculates that 80 percent of the benefits will flow to the top one percent.”

Mnuchin shot back, possibly with his pants on fire, saying, “That’s not a fact.”

Stephanopoulos pressed Mnuchin to ask, “How are Americans going to know whether or not the president gets this benefit if he doesn’t release his tax returns?”

“George, that’s just not fair!” Mnuchin whined. “Because, again, we haven’t published the rules as to what’s going to apply to the pass-through rates, so you’re making certain assumptions that I don’t think are correct.”

Stephanopolous hammered away, asking about Trump’s tax returns.

“I wouldn’t need to make the assumptions if we had the president’s tax returns,” he said. “And I guess that’s the question: The president himself has said publicly he’s not going to get a benefit from this tax plan. My question to you is: How are the American people going to know that if he’s not releasing his tax returns?”

Mnuchin said the “American public will be comfortable with the information they have.”
Oddly, even though Trump promised on the campaign trail to release his taxes if he was elected, Mnuchin spoke of “full transparency.”

“And we’re going to make sure that there are proper rules — there’s going to be full transparency as we go through the legislative process, what those rules are, so that rich people can’t take advantage of it,” the millionaire robot said.


There is nothing ‘transparent’ about this administration.

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