Mystery Solved: CNN Finds Out Whose Vehicle That Was Running Interference While Donald Golfed


On Wednesday, as news crews gathered to collect more footage of “President” Donald Trump golfing at his West Palm Beach resort for the second day after declaring he was going to “get back to work,” they ran into something a little unusual outside the club:

That’s right, to obscure the fact that Trump plays (a whole lot of) golf, a giant box truck placed itself strategically between cameras and any clear shot of the game.

Maybe that looks like a delivery truck or something, but reporters thought it was a little strange how the truck moved with them as they moved to get a shot from around it. It was, of course, from a public area that reporters were attempting to film and snap pictures, so it seemed odd that someone would be doing something that clearly appeared to be blocking for Trump.

Did he hire someone? Was there something going on that the public shouldn’t see?

The White House, of course, denied any involvement. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office claimed they didn’t know anything about it. And with all of the leaks from inside the administration – because even his own staff hates him on the sly – we would know by now if anything untoward had been happening on the 27th on the links.

But CNN in particular was vexed by who was responsible for playing outside guard and fullback on Team Trump, so they did a little sleuthing. And with this administration (and its fans), it’s always best to check where you’ve been told not to look. CNN sent reporters to the PBSO, and – surprise! – found a truck that curiously looked exactly like the one that had blocked their view days before, parked in the Sheriff’s gated official vehicle lot. CNN emissaries were then able to compare license plates and determine that it was indeed the same truck.

Whether Trump asked the PBSO to park outside the course and block reporters’ views or the Sheriff’s Office is simply filled with halfwit Trump sycophants, the whole escapade reminded us of our little brothers blocking the TV in the middle of Saturday cartoons.

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