NASCAR Star Dale Earnhardt Jr. Supports Refugees: ‘America Is Created By Immigrants’ (TWEETS)

NASCAR Star Dale Earnhardt Jr. supports immigrants in Tweet

It looks like down-home celebrities are against Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban, too. After all, you don’t have to be a liberal to love the constitution or the verse that adorns the Statue of Liberty.

According to the Charlotte Observer, NASCAR star and North Carolina resident Dale Earnhardt Jr. took to Twitter to show his support for immigrants, telling followers that his own family migrated to the U.S. to escape persecution.

On his Twitter feed, the highly popular race car driver tweeted to a NASCAR fan who identified himself as a Muslim. In response, Earnhardt expressed sympathy for the hardships of refugees trying to flee war and persecution under the Trump Muslim travel ban.

“@GelarBudidarma my fam immigrated from Germany in 1700s escaping religious persecution. America is created by immigrants.”

Earnhardt Jr. has been voted NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver 13 times, and with over 1.9 million followers on the social media platform, Earnhardt was inundated by retweets and messages from fans thanking him for his pro-immigrant stance.

“@DaleJr @GelarBudidarma thank you for speaking up, I know a lot of folks in the country look up to you.”

“@DaleJr @GelarBudidarma Thank you, sir. You’re a model for those who worry taking a stand might cost them something.”

Once fan promised the celebrity driver that his much-loved, deceased father, Dale Earnhardt Sr., would be proud of his stance.

“@DaleJr @GelarBudidarma Dale, I guarantee your father is very proud of you.”

“@DaleJr Thx for using your visibility to spread common sense. You make NC proud man.”

“@DaleJr, I read your post today, and am more a fan of yours today than ever before. Thank you.”

A number of fans also shared their family history of immigration from countries all around the world.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Earnhardt became fascinated with his family history and spent some time researching his own genealogy. The famous race car driver took his now-wife on a trip to Germany, where he researched his family roots. Earnhardt then proposed to wife Amy in the church where his ancestors prayed 10 generations ago. Amy posted a picture of the happy occasion on her Twitter feed showing the 300-year-old church in the background.

One Twitizen thanked Earnhardt for using what he referred to as his “prominent Southern voice”

Much of the political divide currently causing so much tension in the country is the result of cultural divide that’s been long nurtured as a form of political manipulation and emotional gerrymandering. With someone like Earnhardt Jr., a symbol of success to America’s hard-working blue collar and somewhat conservative population, it’s amazing to see both sides of the aisle find common ground from such a wide diversity of paths in the American story.


H/T: The Charlotte Observer

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