Nazi White Pride Rally In Texas Shut Down Before They Could Even Get Their Torches Lit


The University of Texas was all set to be the site of the next post-shooting hate rally by alt-right Nazis Sunday night until campus police put an end to their unannounced gathering.

Just around midnight local time, a group of fewer than 20 white kids bearing tiki torches and sporting masks fashioned from American flags were just about to get started on their hate-fest when they were approached by what I’ve always called “Two-Point-Fives” — almost cops, or maybe halfway there — and they sheepishly put their white nationalist gear away and went home.

“Oh, okay. Sorry.”

That’s what I like to imagine the tiny group of basement-dwelling dweebs said as they tucked their racist tails between their legs and skedaddled.

The Daily Texan reports:

“The police were patrolling and saw them come on campus and start to gather and stopped it immediately,” Posey said. “They were lighting the torches as the police were walking up.”

UT police tweeted Monday afternoon about the incident, calling it “suspicious activity on the South Mall” of the campus:

I love the fact that it didn’t even have to escalate to the level of freedom of speech for their Nazi bullshit — the police were actually just able to tell them that they were in simple violation of the widely-used “No Open Flames On Campus, Dumbass, And Take Those Stupid Masks Off, You Look Like Idiots, And Hey, Are You Guys Even Students Here” rule.

UT’s President Gregory Fenves sent out a campus-wide email later in the day, to let students know what had gone down, and presumably to further humiliate the alt-right assholes who tried to storm the school but barely managed a sprinkle:

“The actions of white supremacists and other hate groups are completely anathema to UT’s values, and I abhor what they represent … The University of Texas is committed to free speech and the robust exchange of ideas among students, employees and invited visitors — but our campus is not open for non-university-affiliated groups to stage protests or gatherings … The actions of a hate group do not define us. They never will.”

The University police say that they’re investigating further, but they’re probably still just laughing.

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