NC Republican To Gun Owners: Put A ‘Bullseye’ On Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)


Republican Senator Richard Burr backtracked a deadly comment he made at a private get out the vote event over the weekend, suggesting the gun-loving attendees put a “bullseye” on Hillary Clinton.

According to an audio obtained by CNN Burr remarked that “nothing made me feel better” than seeing a photograph of Clinton on the cover of a rifle magazine.

“I was a little bit shocked at that—it didn’t have a bullseye on it,” said Burr.

The NRA-backed senator from North Carolina, who is in a tough re-election, made the ugly comment as he walke into a Mooresville, NC gun shop where the private campaign event.

When audio from the event was leaked, as you can imagine the senator immediately began walking back his remark.

In a Monday statement he told CNN, “The comment I made was inappropriate, and I apologize for it.”

Inappropriate? Inappropriate is wearing white after Labor Day. This, sir, was a call to assassinate the Democrat nominee for President of the United States. Big difference.


The deadly comment from Burr’s conservative mouth received a lot of laughs from the gun-loving crowd.

Of course it did. Donald Trump, his Republican supporters and the NRA (No Rational Adults) have been working hard to convince uninformed gun-toting voters that Clinton will take away every single one of their guns if she’s elected. Burr was simply parroting his nominee.

Trump has said, and I quote: “Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

The stupid, it burns.

“But on the bottom right (of the magazine), it had everybody for federal office in this particular state that they should vote for. So let me assure you, there’s an army of support out there right now for our candidates,” said Burr.

The comments parrot those made by Donald Trump in August when the GOP nominee said “Second Amendment people” could take matters into their own hands if Clinton became president.

I’ll give it to Burr, Unlike Trump, he’s at least saying he’s “sorry.” Not that I believe it for a second. The senator knows that in North Carolina he needed every gun-loving vote he can muster up in a fight for his repeated life in the Senate for six more obstructionist years.

“The comment I made was inappropriate, and I apologize for it,” Burr, the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, said in a Monday statement to CNN.

Inappropriate? It was a death threat for heaven’s sake, joke or not.

A Burr campaign official said that the senator’s remark about feeling “better” was in reference to other GOP candidates winning support from gun-rights groups — not from Clinton potentially being shot.

In his remarks, Burr rationalized his support for Trump by saying that the GOP nominee “aligns perfectly with where the Republican Party is” on the issues. And he said that Trump deserves some flexibility to make mistakes.

His continued support of Trump was not unnoticed.

“I want to thank him for being a strong supporter of Mr. Trump,” someone in the room said of Burr, according to the audio. “I appreciate his loyalty.”

Birds of an ugly and violent conservative nature flock together and all that. Ugh.

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