Nebraska Gov Condemns School Board Member’s Blog Calling Obama A ‘Half-Breed’


Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts condemned a Republican member the state board of education, Pat McPherson, for running a conservative political blog that  referred to President Obama as a “half-breed” in five separate postings on the’Objective Conservative’ blog.

McPherson quickly scrubbed the posts from his site and denied having any part in writing them, or having knowledge about the post’s contents, and we totally believe him.

As Right Wing Watch notes, the blog has a lengthy history of controversial posts:

…a cartoon portraying Michelle Obama as obese and featured as its “thought of the day” a tweeting saying, “Barack Obama is what happens when Affirmative Action and The Peter Principle have a baby.”

It also shared a birther joke: “Did you hear about the guy who managed to get into the White House without credentials? And then just the other day some guy jumped the fence.”..

Another post likened gay marriage to bestiality: “I vote Democrat because I love the fact that I can now marry whatever I want. I’ve decided to marry my German Shepherd.”

There’s a cesspool of offensive posts that McPherson has allowed on his site, several of which Right Wing Watch made note of.

McPherson has not been asked to resign but he plans to take the blog down. What we’re saying here is, he got caught and he’s accepting no responsibility for his own site’s content.

“While many Nebraskans disagree with our president on many issues, he is deserving of the same civility and respect we give one another,” Governor Ricketts said. “There is no room for bigotry. I am deeply disappointed and unequivocally condemn these comments.”

The Omaha World-Herald reports:

McPherson, a Republican, said they were posted by a contributor he would not name.
Three of the postings are written as if they reflect the opinion of the blog itself, which McPherson founded and said he co-edits. The three postings are listed as posted by Objective Conservative and are written with the pronoun “we.”

The three postings begin, “Frankly, we’ve had enough …,” “We think Ted Nugent is cool …” and “We are tired …”

In one posting, the author jokes that the article may be their last because “we suspect the NSA has forwarded it to (Attorney General) Eric Holder for potential prosecution under hate-crime laws.”

The postings date back to May 11, 2011. McPherson said he deleted them from the site Tuesday. He declined to identify who wrote the blog posts, but he said he has expressed his disappointment to that person.

The chairman of the Nebraska Democratic Party said Tuesday that Ricketts “just flunked his first test as governor as he failed to ask for McPherson’s resignation.”

“How will Mr. Ricketts explain to schoolchildren and teachers why it’s OK with the governor for a State Board of Education member to have a racist blog?” Vince Powers asked.

(my bold)

It doesn’t matter whether he was aware of the posts or not.  The fact is, they were posted on his property, his blog and under his watch. If he decided to give us the name of the author in question, I suspect it would be: Pat McPherson.

McPherson was sworn in this month to a four-year term on the state board.

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