New Report Shows NM School Shooter Was Active Online Troll, White Supremacist, Trump Fan


William Edward Atchison, the murderer who shot up Aztec High School in Aztec, New Mexico on December 7th, wasn’t just another strange loner with a gun obsession, as reports had previously indicated.

When a mass shooter’s motivations cannot be immediately determined, as in the case of one claiming ISIS affiliation (or often simply being brown will suffice), the media frequently refuses to revisit the topic. That is not the case with Atchison, who appears to have cultivated an entire secret life in online forums like the pro-Trump Reddit r/pol/ and multiple gaming forums, as well as YouTube and even some self-help outlets, according to a new report from The Daily Beast.

Atchison had innumerable online identities, but all of them focused on just a few things: His racism, his obsession with school shootings, and his determination to be remembered as a mass murderer who then committed suicide.

He had been interviewed by the FBI previously over online statements, but obviously no deeper investigation of his online personas was ever done — the local Sheriff in Atchison’s town, Ken Christesen, said that “Bill” just wasn’t on law enforcement’s radar.

But with the depth of the Beast‘s investigation culminating in a comprehensive report just eight days after Atchison’s final “blaze of glory,” it’s hard not to conclude that law enforcement simply isn’t taking online behavior seriously enough.

The killer had posted not just to the usual forums like Reddit and YouTube, but had taken pains to download secure software with which he could peruse and post to overtly Nazi websites like The Daily Stormer, which this site will not link to.

Among the highlights of Atchison’s online activity:

  • Frequently obsessed with the Columbine shooting of 1999, referring to it in conversation as “LOLumbine”
  • Spent at least the last five years visiting “Alt-Right” websites and glorifying school shootings
  • Called himself by quite obvious screen names like “Adam Lanza,” “Elliott Rodger,” and the very literal “Future Mass Shooter”
  • At one site where he worked his way up to “SysOp” (administrator status), users complained that he abused his authority talking about school shootings and praising Donald Trump in the forum

On the gaming website Steam — a completely mainstream site that requires no special access or permissions — Atchison commented,

“How am I supposed to function in this world? Wherever I go, I see degeneracy. Pointless materialism, hedonism, sexual decay, dirty n**gers who do nothing but slowly break down this society etc. it’s fucking everywhere. No way to escape it, 99% of people are part of it and whatever I do I am confronted with the death of the West. Go to the store and buy groceries in peace? Nope, here’s a group of LGBT liberal filth in line with you. And there’s a n**ger family with 10 kids over there.”

We hope that the mainstream media will pick up on the fact that this is yet another racially radicalized white shooter, part of the most dangerous group in America, before another one steps in to take his place and plan the next mass shooting.

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