Nobody Wants to Work for Trump — More DOJ Lawyers Step Down

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In an act that is becoming far too common, veteran lawyers from the Department of Justice are stepping down, unable to stomach the unethical requests of the Trump administration. The constant barrage of legislation being crafted to appease the conservatives and Christian evangelicals that sold their souls to Trump have been weighing heavy on the hearts and minds of many government employees.

This is not a new development. It has actually been happening since before Sally Yates was fired on January 30 in the early days of the Trump presidency. In a commencement address to Harvard Law School graduates in 2017, Sally Yates said:

I believed then and I believe now that resigning would have protected my personal integrity, but it would not have protected the integrity of the Department of Justice

Calling it “an unexpected moment when the law and conscience intersected,” Yates walked away from the Trump administration without looking back.

Since taking office, Donald Trump has been catering to a very distinct and increasingly cruel base of supporters. The resultant legislation has been bordering on abominable, from The New York Times:

The Trump administration opened the door to allowing more firearms on federal lands. It scrubbed references to “L.G.B.T.Q. youth” from the description of a federal program for victims of sex trafficking. And, on the advice of religious leaders, it eliminated funding to international groups that provide abortion.

That is just the tip of the iceberg. As the Trump agenda continues to unfurl, look for an increasing number of long-term government lawyers and workers to resign from their positions citing ethics and moral reasons. People cannot morally and ethically enforce the policies of this administration without facing an internal dilemma.

Featured image from YouTube video.

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