North Carolina Teen Arrested After Posting Photo Of Guns To Facebook Saying ‘School Finna Be Lit’


A Rowan County, North Carolina teenager was arrested after posting a photo of several guns along with the words, “school finna be lit,” on her Facebook page.













Several students and teachers notified East Rowan High School Resource Officer Scott Flowers about the situation, Fox 8 reports.

Amber Beaver, 17, posted the photo of a small pistol, a shotgun, a bolt action rifle and a semi-automatic rifle.

She had just re-enrolled in school after dropping out last year.

Fox 8 reports:

When investigators went to her home at 1425 Barger Road, in Salisbury, her father said she had not been home in about a week. He said Amber was staying with an aunt who lived in either Spencer or East Spencer.

After making several calls, authorities found her at 115 Henderson St. in Spencer. Beaver talked to investigators over the phone and said that she had heard that the Rowan County Sherrif’s Office was looking for her because of a recent Facebook post.

Beaver told investigators that the post was just a joke and that she thought it was funny.

We’re not sure where she gets her sense of humor from. Maybe she thought Columbine and the Sandy Hook massacres were funny, too.

Beaver was charged with one misdemeanor count of communicating threats and one felony count of making a false report of mass violence on an educational property.

The teenager is being held in the Rowan County Detention Center under a $7,500 secured bond.

Since the Sandy Hook massacre in 2012, there have been more than a hundred and forty school shootings in the United States.

Let’s leave ‘jokes’ to the comedians.

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