NRA Pundit: America Rejected Hillary Because We Didn’t Want Gun Control (VIDEO)


There is so much that’s offensive in the video clip I’m about to show you that I had an exceedingly hard time coming up with a headline for the article you’re reading. But if you’re looking for a way to start your day pissed off at a right-wing lunatic, here’s a golden opportunity.

Wednesday morning on Fox & Friends First, host Heather Childers had on a guest from the National Rifle Association named Antonia Okafor. The conversation was, of course, predetermined. Democrats bad, guns good, massacre unpreventable tragedy. It’s a formula that’s worked for the Republican network since 1994.

But Childers did more than invite Okafor to provide the official NRA stance on the worst mass shooting in American history.

“Do you think that they’re doing a disservice, in fact that they’re actually accomplishing the opposite of what they’re trying to accomplish by bringing awareness to gun control?”

I would put that in all caps if it didn’t seem like I was shouting. A news host just asked someone on a news channel whether Democrats might be to blame for this tragedy by talking about gun control.

Okafor’s response was no less loony than Childers’ question. In fact, the whole video is absolute craziness from start to finish:

“We can look at Europe to see. You know, four mass shootings happened in 2015. They almost have semi-automatic weapons completely banned over there, but yet there are still violent criminals who are there to implement harm.”

Oh, really, Antonia? Let’s consult Google to see how many mass shootings happened here in America, where the ban on those weapons expired years ago: Oh, look! According to the Gun Violence Archive, which records all data on such occurrences, in 2015 America suffered 372 mass shootings.

If you really want to draw a line between European bans on military-style assault rifles and the number of mass shootings that happen where they’re banned, I think you are – no pun intended – shooting yourself in the foot. Because just from a purely visual standpoint, with no math involved, I’d have to say that a single digit I can get to on my hand with a finger to spare is a much, much smaller number than 372, which starts right off with the hundreds.

And I never once in my life thought that I would hear someone on television say what they “loved” about a mass shooting, but here we are:

“One thing I love about — unfortunately — these tragedies that happen, the reaction from the American people coming together…I believe if we’re willing to change the direction that we’ve been in before, you know, we voted for President Trump because we wanted a difference. We didn’t vote for Hillary for the same thing.”

I don’t need to remind anyone reading that more Americans actually did vote for Hillary Clinton than did for Donald Trump.

Regardless, the fact that we’re still having this conversation despite idiots like Antonia Okafor contradicting the NRA’s own argument against banning these weapons, is unconscionable. It’s obscene. And frankly, it’s offensive.

Watch the video here:

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