NRA Says Australia’s Anti-Gun Laws Are ‘A Mistake’; Australia Tells NRA To Go F*ck Itself


The National Rifle Association, the powerful gun lobbyist organization which owns most of our elected officials, published an article claiming that Australia’s anti-gun laws were imposed against the will of most Australians and are actually making the country less safe.

With the NRA, ‘more guns’ is always the answer and thus far, in our country that hasn’t worked out.




















What the NRA seems to dismiss is the lack of school shootings and daily child shootings in Australia which we’ve grown so accustomed to in America.

The NRA also dismissed facts.

Junkee reports:

Tastefully titled ‘Australia: There Will Be Blood’, the article — which has been brought to people’s attention by the Herald‘s Nick O’Malley — claims John Howard’s anti-gun laws “robbed Australians of their right to self-defense and empowered criminals,” and that “there is now a growing consensus among impartial researchers that disarming Australia’s citizens did not make them safer”.

There have been a grand total of zero (0) mass shootings in Australia since those laws were passed, compared to the dozens that have transpired in America in the same time period.

Since laws were passed in Australia, gun-related deaths have fallen by around 7.5 percent every year since while America’s gun homicide rate was 370 times higher than Australia’s in 2010-11.

There is no “growing consensus” among Australians as the NRA claims. Suicides by gun fell 65%. Gun deaths plummeted during the 10 years after the gun laws were enacted.

Australia had 13 mass shootings* in the 17-year period before the Port Arthur massacre. It has had zero since, Buzzfeed reports.

The NRA’s voice shrilled following President Barack Obama’s praise of Australia’s handling of mass shootings and the steps the country took to avoid them in the future.

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