NY Lawmaker Makes Sessions Look Like A FOOL By Using His Own Words Against Him (VIDEO)


As everyone knows, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared once again before the House Judiciary Committee as part of the ongoing Congressional investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016 presidential election.

Apart from the fact that Sessions perjured himself the last time he appeared before a Congressional Committee on this case, he seems to simply be unable to remember quite a lot of what’s transpired since he started working for Donald Trump.

That’s exactly what Rep Hakeem Jeffries of New York’s 8th District — he covers Brooklyn and Queens, the borough where Trump himself was born — wanted to talk about with Mr. Sessions during Tuesday’s hearing.

First, Rep Jeffries set Sessions up for the kill by forcing him to listen to a litany of times he’d said he could not remember various details of past events, most especially surrounding any contact the Trump campaign may have had with Russia or emissaries from the hostile foreign power.

Then he cornered the Attorney General by bringing up an interview he did on Fox News with notorious racist Lou Dobbs in which Sessions said that intentionally failing to remember details of an investigation can be used as a reason to prosecute a witness for perjury:

“During an interview with Lou Dobbs, you criticized Hillary Clinton for saying, ‘I can’t remember’ approximately 35 times. You also stated during that Lou Dobbs interview that the intentional failure to remember can constitute perjury. Mr. Attorney General, do you still believe that the intentional failure to remember can constitute a criminal act?”

Sessions was forced, of course, to answer in the affirmative, before Rep Jeffries went on:

“While serving as U.S. attorney, you once prosecuted a young police officer who lied in a deposition. In that speech, you decided to prosecute that young police officer even though he corrected his testimony.

“You testified under oath in January. You subsequently corrected that testimony in a March 6th written submission, and have been forced repeatedly to come back to the Senate and now the House to clarify… The Attorney General of the United States of America should not be held to a different standard than the young police officer whose life you ruined by prosecuting him for perjury.”


Watch the extremely uncomfortable exchange here:

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