NY Newspapers Slam The Perv POTUS For His Embrace Of Roy Moore


Though he’s been reluctant to dive into the Alabama Senate race — probably because he has his own history of sexual assault — Donald Trump finally weighed in on the matter of Roy Moore (R), who is accused of child molestation and being an overall twisted perv when it comes to young girls. On his way to Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving, Trump commented:

“He denies it. He totally denies it. Roy Moore denies it — that’s all I can say.”

Correction: That’s all you choose to say. You could say more, but then you’d have to answer follow-up questions on whether or not you and Moore are basically two sides of the same coin.

If Trump does read newspapers (which seems doubtful given his minimal intelligence), he saw that he got blasted by two of his hometown publications, The Post and Daily News, both of which took the same tone in chastizing Donnie:

Trump, much like Moore’s most ardent supporters, seems willing to overlook the allegations of nine Alabama women who have said that Moore accosted them when they were teenagers. Leigh Corfman, who was only 14 when Moore invited her back to his den of iniquity, recalls that Moore stripped down to his underwear, had her take off her clothes, and then touched her. He told her to touch him, too.

This is what the modern Republican Party has become: A collection of white men who think they have a right to impose themselves on anyone for any purpose that satisfies their dark lust. There was a time when such an allegation against a person would ruin not only their reputation, but also their career and ability to be allowed in polite company. But we live in the Age of Trump, and millions of people who pay lip service to the notion of “family values” are willing to abandon all morality in the name of a political party that is only too happy to exploit their deep-seated self-hatred.

Congratulations, GOP! You’ve finally managed to become the Party of Perversion.

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