NY Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Fired For Posting Racist ‘N****r’ Rant On Facebook (IMAGES)


In a country where a man like Donald Trump can be elected president, racist rhetoric should come as no surprise. But surprise me it did because it came from the type of person we, as American,s rely on to help mold the minds of our children.

Pre-kindergarten substitute teacher Cassandra Elizabeth Sutton was just fired for posting an unbelievably racist “N*gger” rant on her Facebook page (since deleted). The Children’s School of Rochester, NY fired Sutton when they discovered her Facebook post:



















Did you notice Sutton’s hashtags claiming she’s not a racist. Puh-leeze, who is this woman kidding? #BlackPeopleAreFineN*ggersArentBIGDifference? WTF?!?

According to Sutton, white kids are angels who never ever do anything bad. (She obviously hasn’t been watching the ID network.)

Local Rochester newspaper Democrat & Chronicle reports:

A contract paraprofessional working at the Children’s School of Rochester (School 15) in the Rochester City School District was fired Monday morning after making an extremely racist Facebook post, according to Principal Jay Piper.

The woman, Cassandra Sutton, was working as a substitute prekindergarten paraprofessional. Screenshots of her Facebook account show a recent posting in which she brags of “catching” a black person in the middle of a crime, using the N-word and other obscenities.

The woman began working at School 15 this fall and was employed through TES Staffing, Piper said. She worked as a substitute last year at Lincoln Park School 44.

“She was immediately terminated as soon as we saw the posting,” Piper said. “We pride ourselves on our diversity. They were very offensive and hurtful remarks.

After Sutton wrote the racist Facebook rant, she went on to wonder “why I don’t ever see white males committing crimes on my street” while describing in the past catching some “hood rat n*ggers breaking into my neighbors (sic) car.”

Before she was fired, shtaunted people, telling them to go ahead and share her post.







TES Staffing, a staffing agency that connected Sutton with the school, also said that it would no longer employ Sutton after her racist rant.

In Trump ‘Murica or not, we will not tolerate this type of hateful rhetoric in our country, let alone in our schools. So, sorry, Cassandra — you’re fired!

We hope your career as a teacher, or for that matter any school job is kaputt. Forever. But here’s a thought. Send your resume to Donald Trump and his alt-right Chief Strategist Steve Bannon. I’m sure they’d just love to have you on their team.

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