Obama-Obsessed Sean Hannity Slams Media Criticizing Trump’s Harvey Response


Sean Hannity is not just the dumbest host on Fox, he’s the network’s biggest hypocrite, too.

On the Wednesday edition of his Fox show Hannity, the moron went after the press criticising Donald Trump’s (lack of) empathetic response to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, calling out the alleged “Destroy Trump Media” effort for dissing Trump’s visit as a mere photo-op.

“As we’ve been showing you night in and night out, this is what the media does,” Hannity exclaimed.

“They always find a way, even during a tragedy, to go after the president. Try and discredit the president, delegitimize him, the First Lady, his family, his advisors.”

What a whiner! And the hypocrisy, it burns. Hannity was first to jump on the right-wing media bandwagon to bash former President Barack Obama over dealing with Hurricane Sandy five years ago.

Fact is, the criticism of Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey is well deserved. The idiot in the Oval Office stayed clear of the Texas flood waters during his brief visit to Corpus Christi on Wednesday. Not only did he not want to get his shoes went surveying the state’s extensive damage, he chose not to meet with even one of victims of the catastrophe. Hell, Trump could not even bring himself to offer condolences to the family of a Texas policeman who, on his way to assist the rescue efforts, died in the flooding.

After Hannity’s monologue aired Wednesday evening, Media Matters published a piece on the critical right-wing media response to Obama’s handling of Superstorm Sandy in 2012. They also posted this clip showing Hannity calling Sandy “Obama’s Katrina.”


Once the post went viral, social media users were not letting Hannity off the hook for his moronic comments.

There’s a reason Sean Hannity has been called the dumbest host on Fox news. Not only is he stupid, he’s had his head so far off Trump’s ass he hasn’t seen the sun in a year.


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  1. I’m just glad they went this week instead of next week. Can you imagine the media shitstorm if Melanie had worn those white tennis shoes AFTER Labor Day?

  2. And I believe he also claimed we need to reopen the investigation in to Hillary’s emails. I don’t watch the faux so you will have to excuse me, I am just going by what others said on Twitter.

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