Oklahoma Republicans Slam Confederate Flag Wavers Who Greeted President Obama: ‘Embarrassing’


Two Oklahoma Republican congressmen slammed protesters in their state who decided to greet our country’s first black president by waving Confederate flags, calling their actions “disrespectful,” “embarrassing” and “inappropriate.”













“I was shocked and disappointed by those who showed up to wave Confederate flags soon after President Obama arrived in Oklahoma,” Rep. Tom Cole, a senior House Republican, told The Hill in a statement. “Their actions were not only disappointing but incredibly disrespectful, insensitive and embarrassing to the entire state.

“The unacceptable behavior displayed by these individuals certainly does not reflect the values and views of the vast majority of Oklahomans,” Cole added. “No president should ever be confronted by such behavior, especially when the purpose of the visit was meant to celebrate and recognize some of our state’s greatest achievements.”

Rep. Frank Lucas said in an interview: “Free speech is an amazing thing. Unfortunately this was an inappropriate use of it.”

Obama traveled to Oklahoma to visit a federal prison — he was the first president to do so.  Obama also rolled out a new pilot program aimed at bringing high-speed Internet to low-income households.

President Obama was on his way to his hotel Wednesday night only to be greeted by Confederate flag wavers in the crowd who gathered along an interstate highway.

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, a Republican who greeted Obama on the airport tarmac, suggested many of them drove over the state line from Texas.

We’re not certain how she determined that though.

Tweet of the day goes to @JohnTGilmore who has 391 followers and still managed to win the Internet:


Cole said Wednesday’s flag display was especially “insensitive” after Obama’s “personal graciousness” when deadly tornadoes struck the congressman’s hometown of Moore, Okla., two years ago, according to The Hill.

“The office of President of the United States is deserving of the respect of all Americans, regardless of how deeply we may disagree on issues or policies,” Cole said. “Political differences are never a justification to insult the president, and I believe that such action shows disrespect for the office itself.”

Nine black members of a historic church in Charleston, South Carolina, were massacred by a white supremacist who was seen brandishing the flag in pictures.

For some peculiar reason, the group of Confederate flag wavers in Oklahoma — a state which was not part of the Confederacy — thought waving the flag in the President’s face was a good idea.

As far as claims saying the Confederate flag is not about hate and/or racism, the flag wavers in Oklahoma just disproved that.

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Image: New Civil Rights Movement

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