Old White Trump Voter Goes Free After Same Voter Fraud That Got Legal Mexican Woman 8 Years In Prison


In North Carolina, there were lots of allegations of voter fraud in 2016.

The outgoing governor, Republican Pat McCrory, was furious about losing to Democrat Roy Cooper. Not only did he cry foul, he quickly worked with the GOP-controlled legislature to limit Cooper’s authority (but failed). It is always Republicans who spearhead sometimes-successful efforts to implement voter ID laws. We heard Trump himself whining about voter fraud even after his inauguration:

Now the North Carolina Board of Elections has found a few cases of that very thing happening. When they referred one such case to Catawba County D.A. David Learner, he decided to make an example of her. That example is, if you voted for Trump and didn’t mean to do anything wrong, you’re in the clear. A woman whose mother’s dying wish was to vote for Donald Trump did just that on her behalf after she died.

As a result, in a statement Wednesday, Learner said:

It is not in the public’s interest to charge her with this felony offense.

Being as it was an old lady (her name wasn’t released, but her age was noted), the prosecutor cited compassion as his reason for not charging her:

This woman is 67 years old and has never run afoul of the law for anything more serious than a speeding ticket.

Compassion in North Carolina, sending “a message” in Texas

In February, Texas woman Rosa Maria Ortega was sentenced to eight years in prison for voting illegally. She was a legal permanent resident, and a mother of four — who will now be deported. Ironically, it was a cakewalk for the woman in North Carolina to vote on behalf of her dead mother. It was in encountering trouble with her registration that Ortega notified authorities of her inability to vote. Rosa Ortega literally tried too hard to be a “good citizen.” Her lawyer told the New York Times:

She can own property…can serve in the military…can get a job…can pay taxes. But she can’t vote, and she didn’t know that.

During closing arguments at Ortega’s trial, a prosecutor said:

She put herself here. We would not be here today had she not picked up the phone and called [Tarrant County elections clerk] Delores Stevens. If she had taken no for an answer, all of this would have been swept away.

Obviously the prosecutor in the North Carolina case felt there were better things to do than chase elusive voter fraud. While I couldn’t agree more, I sure would also love some consistency from Republicans.

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