One Thing Is Worse Than If The Cops Catch You Rioting; Your Mother


There’s only one thing worse than a cop catching you looting in the midst of the Baltimore riots.  If you’re Mom catches you first, there’s hell to pay.
















In a city devastated by violence that has left 15 officers injured — six seriously — from thrown bottles, rocks and bricks, as well as dozens of businesses, homes and cars damaged or destroyed by looting or arson, this Mom has had it.

Her son won’t be part of the problem. Not ever again.

That awkward moment your mom catches you rioting #baltimore #baltimoreriots #prayforthiskid

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The incident was captured during a live stream recording of the Baltimore riots and promptly uploaded on Instagram with the hashtag, #PrayForThisKid.

Two people have been shot, each in the leg, in separate incidents overnight. In this kid’s instance, we hope he made it through the night. Mom is pissed, y’all.

It’s not known how many protesters have been injured.

Those protesting peacefully over the death of Freddie Gray, an unarmed black man whose neck was broken and spine severed while in police custody, have nothing to do with the rioting.

The rioters should be held accountable but justice needs to come in the case of Freddie Gray. We understand their anger but enacting injustice by harming others is not a way to obtain justice for Mr. Gray.

This young man’s mother gets it.

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