Only A Few Of Richard Spencer’s Nazis Showed Up At Rally, Had To Be Escorted Out By Cops (VIDEO)


Alt-right leader Richard Spencer tried to rally his racist base at Lafayette Square, just north of the White House, to protest the acquittal of Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, a Mexican who was in the country illegally and accidentally shot and killed Kate Steinle. Zarate was previously deported multiple times. On Sunday afternoon, the protest ensued with about 20 demonstrators. Some of the speakers claimed that white people are being targeted. Organizers of ‘Unite the Right’ saw a lackluster showing and they were far outnumbered by anti-racist protesters. Matthew Heimbach was there. He was previously spotted at one of Donald Trump’s campaign rallies roughing up a black woman, and more recently, he ranted after the Charlottesville hate-rally which resulted in the murder of a young woman.

Tony Hovater who was recently profiled in the New York Times was there, as well as William Clark of Identity Evropa, and ‘Eli Mosley,’ former CEO of Identity Evropa.

Shouts of ‘F-ck off, Nazi scum!’ rang out from counter-protesters.


Chants of ‘You killed Heather Heyer’ can be heard in this video clip:

The police formed a protective barrier around the Nazis.

The Nazis had to be escorted out by the police as they were outnumbered.

Good night, Alt-Right. You’re done.

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Image via screen capture. 


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