Open Carry Activists In Texas To Attend Obama Event: ‘Get A Clear Shot’ (IMAGES)


The open carry law in Texas is in effect and that’s so exciting to C.J. Grisham of Open Carry Texas that he plans to go to the South by Southwest festival when President Obama and his wife will be attending. Kriss Elliot writes on Facebook, “If you get a clear shot, fire for effect!”

The wannabe assassin’s Facebook page is a good description of everything not to be in life. Gun rights activists are planning to take to the streets at SXSW, openly displaying their firearms, however, Grisham is planning to go on the day the Obamas are attending. It’s his ‘look at me, look at me!’ moment.

So let’s look at him then.














Oh, the company he keeps. Here’s the potential assassin’s comment:








Sure Harry, it would be really weird for us to ‘attack’ the Open Carry law in Texas just because your pal wants our president dead.

More Open Carry activists are planning to attend. Yayyyy for freedom



















“Obozo needs to stay of of Texas,” Rodney Jordan Tedford writes.







William Elliott refers to the President as a “commie scum sucking parasite,”







Back to Kriss Elliott who wants a ‘clear shot’ at President Obama. He loves Open Carry Texas.








We do not think Kriss is in very good shape to outrun the Secret Service.



















However, he’s been working out.



















There’s a bullet with Kriss’ name on it. No, that’s not a threat. He literally put his name on a bullet.




















Kriss’ Facebook likes include the ‘Anti-Bureau of American Islamic Relations – BAIR Trappers,’ which means he hates Muslims, Mark Levin, which means he hates everyone. Patriots for Guns, WorldNetDaily (I cannot roll my eyes any harder right now), Breitbart, Governor Greg Abbott, Sig Sauer, tons of gun pages and – wait for it – Culture Club with Boy George.

The latter of which I cannot wrap my head around. George O’Dowd is one of the nicest people you could meet – unless you’re a dick, then he’ll cut a bitch and not with a knife or a gun. He can masterfully use words to cut someone down to size in just seconds. He could make Kriss’ tiny balls shrivel up inside of his body and they will never be seen again. It’s a very impressive thing to watch.

I doubt George would ‘like’ Open Carry Texas’  SXSW Facebook event page in which he’s trying to get more gun enthusiasts to attend.

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