Open Carry Holds ‘Racially Integrated’ Gun Rally With Mostly White People


Sam Andrews, a white gun shop owner and former Oath Keeper, held a racially integrated Open Carry rally in Ferguson after being told by African-Americans the Second Amendment doesn’t extend to them equally because they felt they’d be shot.
















“We intend to show that this right is not just for white people,” Andrews told the St. Louse Post-Dispatch when he planned the rally.

The only problem is that it wasn’t very integrated except for one black dude.

Twitter user @Search4Swag spotted one black man with an unloaded rifle. I might have seen two in the pictures that were circulating, although one might have been a Hispanic man.

The media appeared to outnumber those gathered for the rally, much to the displeasure of this gentleman.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports: Most of those who met at a pavilion at South Florissant Road and Suburban Avenue, then set off to march about three blocks to police headquarters, are white. But Paul Berry, an African-American gun owner from Bridgeton who is considering a running as a Republican for the congressional seat now held by Democrat William Lacy Clay, attended and spoke about the importance of gun rights.   Organizer Sam Andrews, of Eureka, said he wasn’t surprised with the low turnout of African-Americans.

“The police have so intimidated the black people that they don’t even believe they have rights,” Andrews said. “That’s the problem. That’s why we’re here. So either way, we make the point.” Well that’s kind of the point, Mr. Andrews. The Second Amendment is not a freedom enjoyed by all races, most especially when it comes to Open Carry.  And that’s yet another reason Open Carry is intimidating to others – aside from all the other reasons.

Here he is preaching to the white choir:

So at least he admits there is a problem with the police force in Ferguson and that’s a start.

Many of the marchers carried long guns, though a few were armed only with umbrellas for the rally.

County Executive Steve Stenger has criticized the group for holding the event, according to Fox 2 Now. He said they are, “inflaming a situation that is already inflamed.”

Andrews was a local spokesman for Oath Keepers, and members from that group have visited in Ferguson with their rifles. That, too, did not go down well.

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Image: St. Louis Dispatch.

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