Open Carry Texas Suing Police After Being Arrested For Not Complying With Officers


Open Carry Texas has filed a lawsuit in Travis County alleging that between the years 2013 and 2015, the DPS capitol security team falsely arrested and violated the rights of nine members of the group during their protests for more gun rights in the state which has lax gun laws.












We’re not sure how this could possibly hold up.

As reported here in February, Travis Raymond Kuenstler, 34, who has a series of convictions in Harris County for offenses such as criminal mischief, deadly force, driving with a suspended license and driving while intoxicated, was arrested after trying to enter the state capitol with a holstered toy cap gun

The officers told the group that no guns, including toy guns were allowed on the premises. “Nothing that resembles a gun,” police said, yet some members did not comply.

The group’s fearless leader, CJ Grisham, says all of these arrests involved people that were either carrying a toy or replica gun or carrying a black powder revolver when they refused to leave the capitol grounds, according to Texas Public Radio.

But again, the group was ordered to not bring anything resembling a gun into the capitol.

“We’re filing a lawsuit against DPS for violation of our civil rights, for assault, for false arrest, for false imprisonment and also for damages. That’s the bulk of the case and instead of all of us filing separate suits we felt it would be a stronger suit because seven of us, seven of the nine have had our cases dismissed. DPS is not allowed to create gun policies that are more restrictive than state law,” Grisham said.

“It’s their policy that if members of Open Carry Texas come in this way or do this then they are to be arrested immediately. We were told to leave, if we didn’t leave to arrest us; that’s their policy,” Grisham added.

Watch courtesy of Fox 7 Austin:

Jacob Dova was also arrested at the capitol. He has previously terrorized Moms Against Action members while they had lunch and his group’s leader threatened to kill lawmakers if Constitutional Carry was not passed in Texas.

We have a couple of screen shots from earlier this year of C.J. stomping his feet while fighting against Tyranny in America.

This is likely why the police department did not want anything resembling a firearm on the group of extremists.


















From last year:







Fighting tyranny against ‘stormtroopers.’


















Here’s CJ just funnin’ around with his wife for Halloween, dressed as a cop with what appears to be a gun aimed at her head.



















Well that’s just sad.

22-year-old John Crawford III, a black man, was shot and killed by police inside a Beavercreek, Ohio, Wal-Mart while holding a BB gun which he had gotten from the store’s shelves. He was not threatening anyone and he was not afforded the respect that C.J. is given from law enforcement officials. Crawford was not given orders. He was shot dead.

Cry me a river, C.J.

Again, the group was ordered to not bring anything resembling a gun into the capitol. Did the police department stutter?

If every time C.J. said ‘tyranny’, we took a shot, we’d die of alcohol poisoning.

Officials with the DPS, including its director Col. Steve McCraw could not comment on the lawsuit because they say it’s now a matter of pending litigation.

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