#OpKKK Is Back: Anonymous To Reveal Identities Of 1,000 Ku Klux Klan Members


Anonymous hacktivists have relaunched Operation KKK with a promise to identity 1,000 members of the Ku Klux Klan after gaining access to one of the hate-group’s accounts which led to the details of Klan members.












Operation KKK or #OpKKK (also: #HoodsOff) on Twitter stated that the group plans to identify 1,000 members of the KKK on the one year anniversary of the Ferguson protests.

The press release states in part. “Ku Klux Klan, We never stopped watching you. We know who you are. We know the dangerous extent to which you will go to cover your asses. Originally, we did not attack you for your beliefs as we fight for freedom of speech,” “We attacked you due to your threats to use lethal force in the Ferguson protests. We took this grudge between us rather seriously. You continue to threaten anons and others,” the statement reads. “We never said we would only strike once.” In November of 2014, as tension were already on the rise while waiting for the Grand Jury decision to be handed down in the case of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, the KKK  promised to use “lethal force” against protesters. Anonymous responded by taking control of the KKK’s main Twitter account, then used the info obtained from that account to publish personal information regarding members of the TAKKKK. The ubiquitous hacktivists have not abandon their goal.

Operation KKK continues to say in the press release, “You’ve had blood on your hands for nearly 200 years. You continue to inflict civil rights violations, commit violent crimes and solicit others to commit violent criminal acts. ”

“You seek to intimidate and/or eliminate those that are different from you and those that you dislike by any means possible. You seek to terrorize anyone and anything that you feel is a threat to your narrow view of the “American way of life”.

“The last time we took your hoods off, you claimed to be misunderstood. Victimized. No. You are a damaged, dangerous, fragmented, splintered and amorphous collection of terroristic cells with a hate-based ideology and a well documented history of violence against the American public – assault, murder, terrorism,” the statement continues.

“You play a deep, damaging and historically sinister and malevolent role in the United States. We understand you far too well. You made a clear and ever present enemy of Anonymous when you threatened the lives of protesters and the men and women representing Anonymous on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri in November of 2014.”

“You continue to make threats to anons you believe you have identified, journalists, anyone in the public that speaks out against your behavior,” it states. “Your threats and intimidation are unprovoked, unwanted and will not be tolerated. Enough is enough. You once told Anonymous that we awakened a sleeping giant within you. ”

“The aim of this operation is digital.”

Operation KKK promises to “release, to the global public, the identities of up to 1000 klan members, Ghoul Squad affiliates and other close associates of various factions of the Ku Klux Klan across the Unites States.”

Watch KKK members’ responses after the first operation was launched, uploaded by Anon CopWatch:

One account to keep an eye on (not affiliated with Operation KKK to my knowledge) if you want to watch Neo-Nazi and Klan sites go down, is ‘Amped Attacks’ (@sgtbilko420) who has been on a mission ever since he noticed a Klansman trolling me on Twitter in an attempt to intimidate me.

In response, Amped took down KKK sites left and right and has been at it ever since. Be sure to keep an eye on Amped’s timeline on Halloween;)

In another statement released last week, Anonymous promises the KKK, “Anything you upload will be taken down, anything you use to promote the KKK will be shut down.”

Sic ’em!

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Image: Daily Dot

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