‘Orange Buffoon’: Trump Hammered On Twitter For Blocking Veterans Group

Trump: screen capture

The White House has made it clear that alleged president Donald Trump’s tweets are official statements, however, lately, the former reality show star has been blocking people on Twitter. When former President Barack Obama was in office, even though he was inundated with racist messages on the social media site, he never blocked one person. Not ever.

This time, Trump blocked a left-leaning group of veterans on Twitter and for that, a backlash ensued.

Talking Points Memo reports:

“As I was tweeting him, I went to reply to one, and it said the tweet was no longer available,” Will Fischer, an Iraq War veteran and director of government relations for the group, told TPM in a phone interview Tuesday. “I clicked on @realDonaldTrump and it said that we had been blocked and were no longer able to follow the President’s Twitter.”

“Despite the fact that Sean Spicer has said that these are official statements from the President of the United States,” Fischer noted.

Fisher said that “the tweet that broke the snowflake’s back” was a response to Trump’s criticism of “Fake News Media,” which the alleged president said had driven an “agenda of hate.” During Trump’s tweetstorm this morning, he demanded an apology.

Holly O’Reilly was blocked on Twitter previously.

Earlier today, Trump blocked author Steven King.

Trump ran on a platform of not being politically correct and he can’t handle tweets. Sad:(

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