Oregon Man Arrested After Trying To Mow Down Protesters Like Charlottesville (VIDEO)


We can’t stop the Nazis behind the “United the Right” and “Patriot Prayer” rallies this summer from organizing. But we can certainly stand up to them. The grief and terror they have caused in the name of Donald Trump has resonated so much across the country that even Miss Texas called them “terrorists” last night at the Miss America pageant.

Whether Donald Trump agrees or not, they are terrorists. That was proven once again on Sunday, after super-weakling Joey Gibson decided to move his latest Nazi rally from the lion’s den of antifascists in Portland across the river to nearby Vancouver, Washington.

And they all came with him, including one “patriot” whose truck was festooned with Confederate stickers and giant, waving flags. “Proud Boys” were on the scene. Lots of MAGA hats and Trump shirts. But these people were wildly outnumbered by antifascists. So they mostly stuck to their cars, so they’d be safe:

As police pushed the protest and counter-protesters north, it only became more apparent that the fascists on scene were not just dwarfed by their opposition, but that they were tightly wound and ready to break. And then the guy in the jacked-up truck with the flags was back:

Police could see that he was attempting to run people over, so they did their job:

And just like that, another Charlottesville was prevented:

That didn’t stop a truckload of “Proud Boys” from driving past antifascist protesters and spraying them down with pepper spray from the safety of their vehicle. Police stopped but did not detain the Proud Boys. Justice was served for both the Proud Boys and the cops who did nothing about them moments later, when their truck crashed into a police cruiser, according to Willamette Week.

These “Alt-Right” Nazis have now adopted the same tactics as ISIS, using vehicles to commit their terrorist acts.

When will Donald Trump condemn this extremist terror group and denounce their white supremacist agenda?

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